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Friday, March 7, 2014

Coffee and Flowers UPDATE: Delicious

Where once, 'twas a java desert, today comes announcement of a fourth entry into the Lefferts coffee category - Bles*ings - where Sassy Scissors used to was at 663 Flatbush 'tween Win and Haw. I'm leaving out the "s" in their name not for "savings," but because last time the Q told you about this place he got spamdoozled, probably because of the word "Bles*ings." (I learned a lot though about how to win back an ex. Which quite frankly would have worked out terribly for ME in the longrun, how 'bout you? Perhaps better to let time heal all wounds?)

And guess what? You can get foodstuffs and flowers to go with your espresso. And William's going to be creating herbal concoctions to order. The place is still being finished, but they needed to get open and start the biz flowing. They should do quite well, I'd imagine.

The invitation to come on out and check it out is below. Pretty slick. And dig the living wage offer. Sweet! Good luck Liliana and William.

We have the pleasure to invite you to Bles*ings, on 663 Flatbush Avenue. 

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Bles*ings is a new cafe' and flower-herb shop in the neighborhood of Lefferts Gardens. Housed in a former hair salon, the original space has been meticulously restored and updated to offer wholesome food and service yet to be seen in the borough, while preserving the character of a local community joint. With an array of menu options designed by renowned restaurateur Roberto Aita, of Aita in Fort Greene and previously Fiore in Williamsburg, each menu is tailored to feature a variety of offering for breakfast and lunch, as well as other options like fresh and healthy take-away kid's meals for parents on the run, and vegan and gluten free alternatives. An outside backyard will offer al fresco dining in the warmer months. To complement Bles*ings' healthy-giving selection, organically grown flowers, herbs, and seeds will be offered by the pounds or laid out in beautiful arrangements. 

Only top-notch ingredients sourced from local, ethical and fair-trade businesses like the Brooklyn Roasting Company, Zone 7, and Nine Chains will be used in Bles*ing's comprehensive food, beverage and herbal program. Instead of following the conventional industry practice of paying minimum wage, Bles*ings undertakes to pay its workers a living wage, and will focus on hiring people from the local community.

Bles*ings is the result of the combined visions of co-owners Liliana Bonafini, a former film producer from Italy, and her husband William Farrell, a native New Yorker. 


Parkdog said...

Oh I am hitting this place tomorrow!

Sean said...

I just swung by and they were closed for the night. But they're at the end of my block so I'm amped.

cheryl on parkside ave said...

My Ethiopian bold coffee and almond croissant was absolutely great this morning.

The cafe is very warm and relaxing. The owners and staff were very nice. Can't wait for their full service to begin.

Unknown said...

Great--a few doors from me!

Unknown said...

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Clarkson FlatBed said...

Thanks Angela! Your broken sentence answered a lot of questions for me, since my hormones have been feeling too close to my skin for comfort!

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