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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Actual Real Life Authors To Read Books Out Loud. Books They Wrote Themselves! In Person!! You're Invited!!! Beer!!!!

PLG Arts Launches New Brooklyn Reading Series 

Two much-loved Brooklyn authors – Emma Straub and Elizabeth Mitchell – will kick off PLG Arts’ new Meet-the-Author Reading Series with a joint reading and book signing on Tuesday, June 24.

The event begins at 7:30 at The Inkwell Café at 408 Rogers Avenue in Brooklyn’s Prospect Lefferts Gardens neighborhood.

“Prospect Lefferts Gardens is a neighborhood with a rich history as home to novelists, poets, journalists, editors and others who love the written word,” said Michael Hudson, a PLG Arts volunteer who curates the reading series. “We’re thrilled to have two captivating writers to launch what we hope will be a long and successful reading series.”

Straub, a longtime PLG resident, will read from her NY Times bestselling novel The Vacationers. Booklist Emma Straubcalls The Vacationers “sharply observed and funny,” “a delightful study of the complexities of family and love, and the many distractions from both.”

Straub’s previous books include a novel, Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures, and the short story collection Other People We Married. Her fiction and nonfiction have been published in Vogue, New York Magazine, Tin House, The New York Times, Good Housekeeping, and The Paris Review Daily. She is a staff writer for Rookie magazine.

Elizabeth MitchellMitchell will read from Liberty's Torch: The Great Adventure to Build the Statue of Liberty, her new narrative history of how the Statue of Liberty came to be – and the story of Frédéric Bartholdi, the artist, entrepreneur, and inventor who fought against all odds to create this modern wonder. Mitchell, a Brooklyn-based journalist and editor, is the author of two other books: Three Strides Before the Wire: The Dark and Beautiful World of Horse Racing, and W: Revenge of the Bush Dynasty.

The Park Slope Community Bookstore is co-sponsoring the reading and will have the authors’ books for sale. The Inkwell has a great selection of drinks and craft beers.

The event is free and open to the public. Learn more at or email The Meet-the-Author reading series will take July and August off, but will resume in the fall.

Liberty's Torch

Michael Hudson, reading series curator

Rina Kleege, Co-President, PLG Arts
Hollis Headrick, Co-President, PLG Arts

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