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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Two Shot At Party

Early this morning around 5:30am, two men were shot at a party at 539 Rogers, between Rutland and Fenimore. It would appear the wounds were not lethal.

Party. 5:30am. Dispute. Alcohol and/or drugs. Access to a firearm. No good can come of that. Vinnie asked that if you hear of parties happening or about to happen outside of the usual "friends coming over" variety, you have his (and for what it's worth my) permission to call 911. In my experience of paying attention to these things, parties lefted uncheck are often the scene of horrific violence. And if come from out of town and you think you haven't the right because it would be culturally insensitive, think about whether you'd feel any differently if it were a bunch of frat kids while you were trying to sleep before a big day at work. Take a second to see if it's a happy party of friends and family at a decent hour or something wilder, particularly with younger folks. Where after-hours parties are concerned, you have more than a passing right to call and complain. Also, if you see flyers up about a party at someone's crib, that's an illegal house party, and not to be tolerated. These parties seem to act like gravity for trouble.

You may disagree with the Q on this one, but I stand firm. Like I always say, we're the adults now.

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