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Friday, June 6, 2014

Mulch Madness - Plus Donuts!!

Want to know where the cool chicks and dapper daddies will be swinging at or around One O'Clock? Head to the Ocean, Ocean Avenue that is, for an event destined to make you feel prouder and happier about your home-nabe. Catch the wave, eat a donut. From the good folks at Ocean on the Park Tree Club.

60 Tree Beds up and down Ocean Avenue need care and attention!
300 Perennials (from Kings County Nursery) need planting!
60 bags of Compost (made in NYC homes and green markets) needs spreading!
1 HUGE pile of Mulch (from Prospect Park) also needs spreading!
Gardening gloves, supplies & tools (from MillionTreesNYC and GreenThumbNYC) provided!
Free Cider & Cider Donuts (from tomorrow's Grand Army Plaza Farmers Market)!
Drawing for Kids prizes!

We are the Ocean by the Park Tree Club and we are hosting a planting event - please join us:

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