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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Geez...Can't a Developer Catch a Break?

Not in these heady times, apparently.

Check out the leaflet being handed out at 626 Flatbush about Hudson and its contractor and subs...

Along with the 23-story tower, we may soon be treated to a certain two-story inflatable rat.

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no_slappz said...

I'm not sure about the union rate for carpenters, but for bricklayers it's between $44 and $45 an hour. That's one reason a new building costs a lot.

The other is the price of land, which would be less if more zoning regulations were updated to reflect the demand for bigger buildings and more residential space all over the city.

The Garment District is mostly off-limits for residential space. At the same time, much of the garment industry has left town and the space is vastly under-utilized.

Moreover, some true sweatshops remain in operation in that part of town.