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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Safety Help For Parkside Playground

Hail to the Chief
Parkside Playground activist Pavani T. and Officer Martinos at the 71st confirmed that the Playground will get a full-time security officer, at least during the hours of greatest use, starting next week through the end of the summer. Thank Precinct Commander George Fitzgibbon for making the call, after hearing from many in the community of a need to rein in some particularly anti-social behavior, from weed smoking to Fight Club style testosterone fests, gang graffiti, and at least three incidents of fired guns since the Playground's opening.

Thanks Vinnie, Pavani, Inspector Fitzgibbon and all of you for keeping an eye on the young ones. They deserve a safe and sane place to let off steam, be kids, play ball, and douse themselves with cool water in the nifty fountains.


Anon. said...

It was a concerted group effort by various residents of Winthrop II as much as anything; as well as others in the neighborhood. The Winthrop II residents have been vigilant about trying to report any inappropriate behavior or criminal concerns at the Parkside Playground to the 71st, and getting the message out to others in our lovely neighborhood to do the same.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Agreed. I would add that many residents not on the block have also been active. Definitely an example of the community coming together, and Vinnie made it abundantly clear that this was in direct response to community pleas.