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Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Don't Know About You, But I Live In Melrose Park

Thanks Bob Marvin, for setting the record straight. I live in Melrose Place Park. Not to mention, I need to change the name of the blog to the "L at Woodruff." Priceless, Bob!

Hope you're reading Nicole & In & Cheryl et al


Bob Marvin said...

Thanks Tim. If the Loyalist side had won in the American Revolution we might be arguing about whether our neighborhood should be called "Prospect Axtell Gardens", or just" Axtell" since the pro-rebel Lefferts clan would probably have been exiled (as the Tory Axtells were in reality).

While I've known a little about Melrose Hall (the Axtell family mansion) and Melrose Park (an abortive 19th Century real estate development in the southern part of our neighborhood) for many years, IMO the definitive account is "Montrose Morris's" four part series on Brownstoner last year. If you're curious just enter "Melrose Park" in the search line on the Brownstoner website–it makes for very interesting reading.

And no, I'm not really suggesting Melrose Park as a name for our neighborhood; if we can't have PLG I like "Pigtown Heights" :-)

babs said...

I love those houses! When will they be landmarked?