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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mango Seed From PLGourmand

How great is it that the Q currently has not one but TWO food reviewers? One male and one female to boot! Debra Kirschner clocks in with her second review, this time of local hotspot Mango Seed. Seems every time I walk by there's a nice crowd at the bar, and the few occasions that I've wandered in the staff is always friendly. One related thing - I've grown very fond of mangoes of late, and yes that seed is really something. Big as a baseball. And despite many attempts, I can't seem to cut and eat the delicious orange fruit without becoming soaked in sticky juice. I've seen Mexicans slice it up rĂ¡pidamente with no muss or fuss, and come to think of it I do enjoy the Mexican mangoes the best. So, just thinking out loud here, perhaps I should ask a Mexican how to manhandle a mango. Off to do that now...take it away Debra...

MangoSeed Restaurant
757 Flatbush, between Clarkson and Lenox

Caribbean flavors, fresh ingredients, delicious rum drinks and a backyard – what more could anyone want? This area gem serves dinner Tuesday through Sunday as well as brunch on Sunday with friendly Caribbean hospitality and fruity drinks that make you feel like you’re on vacation. My favorite meal is the Mango Pico de Gallo Jerk Salmon – it’s spicy and fresh and savory and fruity and just an all-around treat. Both Jerk Salmon and Jerk Chicken are delicious, but warning they are quite spicy. If you’re on the fence about how much hot you can handle, I recommend trying these dishes at brunch – where they serve waffles with jerk chicken, jerk salmon or coconut fried chicken. That extra dose of sweet from the waffles and whipped cream cuts into the spice perfectly. If you’re sitting there counting calories STOP! Walk around the park a couple of times rather than skip this experience, trust me. Also amazing at brunch – the Sorrel Mimosa. YUM! If you have no idea what Sorrel is, join the club. I had to ask the bartender and she answered me by giving me a sample. (This is why you ask bartenders everything!) Turns out, it is an herb that tastes like a fruity iced tea that’s yummy on its own but even better with champagne. Other dinner and brunch favorites include Braised Oxtail, Island Burger, Mac and Cheese, Coconut Smothered Fish with Cheesy Grits, and Jerk Fish Red Tacos.

Like many restaurants, they enforce one of those annoying policies where they won’t seat you until your entire party arrives – and they don’t take reservations for more than four people – so tell your chronically tardy friends to hustle their bustles! But definitely tell them it will be worth the rush – the food is terrific and once you get seated the service is great. Friendly waiters and bartenders remember you from one visit to the next. But read the reservation policy on their website, they are no joke.

A great strategy for waiting until you’re whole group arrives is timing that wait during happy hour. Mangoseed has some sweet happy hour specials – $5 rum drinks Tuesday-Friday from 4-7pm and10pm-close and on Saturdays 2pm-5pm. Drinks are delicious – and definitely not watered down. Just beware – you might find yourself so happy you fail to notice it is no longer happy hour while you’re still liberally ordering rum lemonades at full price. Happened once to a friend of mine... They also have tequila specials on Tuesday nights.

This is a terrific place to go when you have something to celebrate and it is right on Flatbush between Clarkson and Lenox. Again – really – what more can anyone want?

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babs said...

I just wish they were open for brunch on Saturdays. I keep forgetting they're not and being disappointed.