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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Leffets Goes Arty

Central Brooklyn is teeming with tax preparation places. Often offering loans so you can get your return cash faster, the storefront joints seem to proliferate in low-income neighborhoods. (Along with check cashing places and liquor stores and social services agencies, oh and drug dealers, it's remarkable how many people make their living off the poor). Not that they're all predatory userers, but enough are that the U.S. Senate recently opened hearings on the matter.

But WAIT! One tax preparer is trying to change that image by opening an art gallery inside his store. Derek Noel owns the shop at 204 Parkside, and since summer is usually his down time, he's doing a gallery show that will be up for two weeks starting the 3rd of July. The deets are below.

But here's another art-scoop for you. Longtime "downtown" bass player, guitarist and composer Oren Bloedow is opening a bar/performance venue on Rogers near Gratitude cafe and the Fire House, at 497 Rogers. I know Oren well enough to tell you the bookings will be on the arty side of jazz and experimental rock. And since he owns the building, perhaps massive ticket sales are not the primary objective. For those who are familiar with the scene, Oren's most popular band is Elysian Fields, a partnership with the enigmatic chanteuse Jennifer Charles.


Rum Punch!
July 3rd - July 17th, 2014
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 3rd, 6-9 PM
204 Parkside Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Monday - Thursday: 5 -10PM
Friday: 3 -7PM
Saturday - Sunday: 12 - 5PM

“Rum Punch!” is a group exhibition featuring artists living or working in south Brooklyn. It is the inaugural show at 204 Parkside, quite possibly Brooklyn's only event space and art gallery that doubles as a tax preparation office. Organized by the participating artists and the proprietor of the venue, Derek Noel, this exhibition showcases a variety of work and media. Inspired by the uniqueness of the space, much of the work is site specific and made especially for this show.

Bursting with a feeling of collectivity and integration, the diversity of the works and the artists who made them mirror the ever-changing population of Flatbush. Like a big bowl of rum punch we hope that this exhibit serves as a mixing and a gathering, the artwork inspiring a blending of neighborhood artists with the local community.

Artists Include:
Juan Pablo Baene
Rory Baron
Darell Day
Francks Deceus
Georgia Elrod
Baris Gokturk
Sarah Elise Hall
Mckendree Key
M P Landis
Rachel B. Ostrow
Sarada Rauch
Orlando Richards
Carrie Rubinstein
Rosemary Taylor
Ezra Wube

204 Parkside
Derek Noel:
Georgia Elrod:

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