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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

100 Year Old Breaks World Records For 100 Year Olds

The Q doesn't do this very often, stray compLETELY out of the neighborhood. But a couple quotes brought this one to my attention. 100 year old Don Pellman broke a bunch of world records for 100 year old guys. And if you listen in to the post race interview, you'll hear a couple beautiful quotes like "it's a 12 year old record some Japanese guy has" and "I seemed to run out of gas at the end." So true. We all seem to run out of gas at the end in the end.

I've watched this five times already. I feel like I'm just on the cusp of a video about to go viral or something. I've never done that before - been part of the first few thousand of a video that goes into the tens of millions. So here's my push! For years I've been trying to coin a phrase. You know, one that will come back to me from a stranger years from now?


Unknown said...

It is him again ,atb September,21 meeting.

Noel Hefele said...

Don't forget about this guy...