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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Taste Just Like Cherry Cola

What are the chances? Just days after I posted about Salon Lola on Nostrand, a very different sort of hair place with the name Lola's opened just around the corner from me on Flatbush at Clarkson, next to the Subway (the sandwich shop, not the mass transportation system). At night, this Lola's seems out of a sci-fi movie, with silver and gold shiny mannequins with nothing on but hair. Long, mostly curly, wigs. Obviously a place designed to make an impression. Unlike other hair sellers, this place is spare and space-age. Gotta love it. Which reminds me of a tip for you...

For that hard to shop for white person in your family, I suggest a copy of Chris Rock's "Good Hair," particularly if he or she is confused why so many hair places in a predominantly black neighborhood. This is must-know stuff, and I'm being straight up here, what with my straight hair and all. Which until I met Desmond at Dr. Cuts I thought was curly. Straight hair, I learned, is what a black barber might call your hair Mr. White Pants even if wasn't what you'd call straight. You know, Caucasian hair? Not kinky? Dear Lord, if you're just coming off the bus from Nebraska, you got a LOT to learn. Take your time. Life just keeps getting richer.

Now you want to know the craziest part of this post? When Chris Rock's daughter asked him one day why she didn't have "good hair" he was hit hard, and decided to make a documentary. And what's the name of Chris Rock's daughter?

You guessed it. Lola.

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