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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Road Closures For Saturday Oct 10's (half) Marathon

Why they gotta call it "half?" By the time you're running foot races over 10 miles I think it's time to call it something other than a Half Marathon. Makes it sounds like a wimp-sport. I'm lucky to hustle for the B41 all the way to the corner from mid-block, so what do I know. But while it's not an actual Marathon of the historical but arbitrary length of 26.2, it's looooong y'all. One might even call it a wee bit absurd. Maybe you could call the "Long Race" or the "Widow Maker" or the "Damn Hard But Not So Hard You Have To Drop Your Whole Life To Train For One" Or maybe just the "Sane Run." Even the Humble Marathon would be better than "half."

Here's the road closure info, so you have plenty of time to plan. It really only effects the morning and some parking. Still, it's kinda fun to see where the run happens. Perhaps you could consider running it with a friend? That way you could say "hey man let's go do a Marathon and go Dutch."


Paul Galloway said...

Last year I made the decision to try to drive in Brooklyn on the day of the half marathon. Amazingly, stupendously stupid of me.

This year I'll just watch them run down my street instead.

roxv said...

wow, this one looks like a doozy. i ran the bk half which got all the hilly flatbush/prospect park parts over with first, and then a flat run down ocean parkway to coney island in the second half. this one looks like you'd be slogging up the thigh busting prospect hill in your last mile? damn. good luck to the runners!

Bob Marvin said...

I ran the Brooklyn Half once, about 30 years ago; trained for weeks and still thought I'd die :-)

No races longer than 10 K after that. Now my daily runs are only about 2 miles