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Monday, September 28, 2015

Important Read: Gangs and Guns

"More than half." That's what they're saying. More than half. When you think about how crazy that is you'd hope that the number one shooting prevention programs would keep that in mind. I've noted in my own vicinity how this plays out, with shootings that have happened in a six block radius.

"More than half." To better get what the Q's referring to, another timely story from DNA Info's Rosa Goldensohn:

More Than Half of the Shootings Crew & Rikers Related


Anonymous said...

You liberals are so condescending towards minorities. The day when black and Latinos dump you all and become independent will be the start of better things for them. You don't want them to think for themselves. You so called liberals think you know more abt the lives of black and Latinos than they do. This is why you liberals shut out opinions from minorities that are critical of you guys.

Anonymous said...

What in this post is inaccurate? And what about being 'liberal' suggests that minorities can not also be liberal?