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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Desserts By Michael Allen: Today!

Marvel & Michael Allen
Score another point or three for Nostrand. A world class pastry chef and chocolatier is launching his flagship storefront with a soft opening today. The Q visited his shop at 1149 Nostrand over the weekend and got a sneak peak at the kitchen and special basement Wonka-esque chocolate factory where he'll be weaving his magic on his candy loom.

Allen is no novice. A second-generation pastry chef who's wowed the crowds at Water's Edge and United Nations, we now get his famous confections and baked goods with killer coffee and a nicely appointed cafe. Plus homemade gelato, and according to NY Magazine's review of his old place in Ft. Greene, the best cupcakes in town.

His wife Marvel is a superstar as well, a singer of awesome soul & power. Like check out this outstanding performance of "Love For Sale" that the Q unearthed on the YouTube:

The two live in the building on Nostrand as well. I think it's fair to say that the Allens are here to stay. So stop by as they settle in, because you can say you were there from the Git-Go.


Unknown said...

well I trekked over to Michael Allen,met he and his wife, had a cup of coffee and a homemade rugelah...(his grandparents were Jewish and Haitian.great combination.).good luck to them!


Gnice said...

Sounds awesome!