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Friday, September 11, 2015

Cynthia's Final Toush

The Q noted the fine work of Cynthia Campbell years ago after noting her move to her own store, but until Mrs. FlatBed starting coming home with beautiful butterfly garments by her, I didn't really get it. Why would I? I'm a dude who buys his clothes at Burlington Coat Factory. Because (get this) it's a step up from the Target house brands, like Merona (who out there doesn't own at least one Merona? Come on, be honest). A real sharp-dressed man I am. Sharp as butter.

The wife, on the other hand, is known around town for her handsome outfits and trendless style. Not only did she recently start wearing a couple of Cynthia's handsown technicolor butterfly gowns, but she bought some for friends who have their noses in the know when it comes to looking good. The look seems kinda muumuu to me, but they seem super comfortable and they're eye-catchers.  What the hell is the Q talking about, you might ask? Take a peek at THIS dress:

Right next to De Hot Pot, up on Washington between Lefferts and Lincoln, there's a little tiny weeny shoppe called Final Toush. Never mind that she meant Final Touch but the sign came back wrong. Cynthia is one of the hardest working women in Brooklyn, in two careers. Not only did she used to have this shop down at the Caton Market, even before they built the yellow and green storage-like structure, when it used to be an outdoor market, which it still should be cuz no one goes in there because it's depressing, she sewed her stuff to put herself through nursing school. Now she runs the shop and works as a nurse, so if you catch her sleeping in her store that's why. She left Jamaica 30 years ago, and only now can imagine bringing her grown kids to NYC. Sometimes the immigrant story makes my heart hurt. I know people of the entitled class who work 20 hour or less weeks because they need more time for themselves and their spiritual development. And they can't afford their life. Actually not just a couple people. A lot of folks are stuck in that place. I've become convinced that humans weren't actually built for leisure and introspection, and the pursuit of leisure over work can do more damage than good. But that's another post.

She also crochets and if not yet will soon have a ton of handmade winter items, mittens, hats scarves.

Y'all owe it to yourself to see her shop and consider how much better to wear one of her super reasonable pieces of all kinds of garments, rather than shop some chain store with Clearance Racks of crap that you buy only because it's on sale not because you really like it, probably made by children in Indonesia or 7-day-16-hour indentured servants in the Northern Mariana Islands.

(I tried to snap a shot of Cynthia but she was feeling shy. Lovely woman. Please do stop by and let her show you her wares.)\

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mug of mead said...

I met Cynthia one evening at the B41 stop at Empire and Flatbush. I was crocheting to pass the time while waiting for the bus and she struck up a conversation with me. She also crochets, and she sells her work out of the shop as well.