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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

More Powerful "Art" Photos From 60 Clarkson

Nathan Tempey over at Gothamist gives us this yet another breaking story and below a great shot of "Radiating Mold," part of a permanent installation at acclaimed gallery "60 Clarkson." Just look at the earthen hues in this reminder of life's fragility and the grim reality of the post-post-modern mise-en-scene . Only contemporary installation artist Barry Hers (real name Issak Hersko) could pull this off with such verve and nerve. Another triumph!

Photo of Herko's "Sentient Sink" by Nathan Tempey/Gothamist


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but The city enabled this man act this way. City agencies who are responsible for this should have dealt with this man years ago. Where is DHS? Where is the city? Where is the mayor? Oh, that's right, he's ducking reporters. How typical. I am so done with this administration. Nothing has changed.

ctrldwn said...

Until "Barry" or Issac pays is forced by law to not push out these families or is threatened with imprisonment , there is not a single thing anyone can do that will make him do the right thing. The city created this monster through their scatter site program. And there are so many stories like this in other parts of the city so imagine the magnitude of this. This has been going on for years and people like him found a way to manipulate the system. Call it criminal on his part. I call it stupid on the city's part to allow this to happen. It's shocking that this POS is collecting $2,700 per apartment from the city and he refuses to provide basic needs for those tenants. Good luck getting the media to focus on a story like this. Maybe if these homeless families barred their chests and hassled passers on the street for tips, then maybe the mayor and other agencies will do something.

summer said...

ya notice Nathan Tempey writes LegalAid still hasn't done shit. wondering if that's because they finelly figured out the shelter folks got no case. oh who pointed that out months ago oh yeah me

Anonymous said...

As someone who worked for a management company that managed many scattersite (dhs homeless) units a few years ago- You are vilifying the landlords without knowing all the facts . The majority of these "consumers" were unable to maintain an apartment- drugs/ crime & prostitution were common with a large percentage of mental health issues. Shootings were an every day event and at one particular building there was three rapes in two days. The City was aware his system didnt work . We had extensive meetings with the DHS & the then DA Hynes with little results.
What was repeated at the meetings was 'we are obligated to house them and we have no room'.
Ultimately my employers chose not to renew our contract and opted out. We returned to stabilized tenants and got rid of a huge headache.
Barry was a bad seed then and I assume still is- but without the city pushing this program there wouldn't be any Barrys.

diak said...

ctrldwn: Hard to argue with your assessment of the landlord and the culpability of the city in this mess but "good luck getting the media to focus on a story like this"?... the 60 Clarkson fiasco was the front-page feature story in the Sunday New York Times a couple of weeks back.

ctrldwn said...

I know it was on the Sunday NY Times for a couple of weeks but what I was referring to was how our local media and to some extent, the national media ignores stories like this in favor of so called controversial events that are nothing more than silly temper tantrums. The reporting on Desnudas dominated the news here in the city for weeks in both print and tv media and got some coverage in the national press.

De Blasio in response to the media driven story on topless women at Times Square suggested that he will get to the bottom of this asap. Even offered to make changes to the layout of Times Square. Desnudas/Naked Bodypaint Models were here before he took office but he's so afraid to be seen as "soft on crime" that he allowed his detractors and the media to push the narrative. A simple use of police enforcement of those aggressively panhandling visitors would have solved this followed by issuing strict guidelines for topeless performers to weed out the crooks. But so far, in regards to what is happening inside 60 Clarkson buildings like it all over the city, nada.

The story on 60 Clarkson isn't the only apartment building in the city dealing with this. I've read horror stories like this in other parts of Brooklyn and in The Bronx. A story that involves corruption, malfeasance, greed, monetary waste, bad policies, the inhumane treatment of homeless families by greedy landlords should have the same amount of press coverage as topless women but instead, it's only a hot story on the Times for a couple of weeks. It's not like this story just happened. It's been SOP for dealing with homeless families for years.