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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Christopher Columbus Of Brooklyn

Hey as long as I'm helping make videos viral, I might as well go with this guy. He's pissed, sure. What seems to have gone down is he said "excuse me" to fellow white guy with a stroller (looks like construction created limited moving room) and that guy, much like I might've in my less mature moments, said "fuck you." To which first white guy takes offense and goes ballistic. Stuff like this happens all the time in the big city, and usually after the testosterone/adrenaline settles down, the whole shebang ends. Often in apologies I might add. But not this time.

In fact, the aggrieved excuse-me-er gets so miffed he claims to have settled downtown Brooklyn, so that guys like the one with the stroller feel comfortable moving there. Is this just a matter of baby envy? Rent increases? Trader Joe's low on inventory? Uber account suspended? I guess we'll never know. Certainly, the acknowledgment of what's really happening in Brooklyn is refreshingly honest. Though we could do without the Alpha Ape Chest Beating.


Andersen said...

Somewhat similar experience, minus the toddler and the white guy. A black man alledged that he and his extended black family had settled Lefferts. He spat as I walked by (about the 1,000 time I've been casually spat on in my own neighborhood after almost ten years.) as I chose to ignore. But hey, its ALL about the blacks, right?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Andersen: I'm calling bullshit. You haven't been spat on 1,000 times. It probably happened twice and you've played it over and over in your head 500 times.

If you think it's ALL about the blacks you need to cancel your subscription to Amsterdam News and pick up any of the half thousand publications that don't even mention "the blacks." Chill out. And stop focusing on what a couple douchebags say. They're not saying it at YOU. They're just saying it.

White people can be so touchy sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Aw man. Video was taken down :(