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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You Gotta Check This Out - Lakeside

It's pretty lame to posta link and not comment. But I'll let y'all do the talking. Check out this video animation of the Lakeside Project. Assuming they don't pipe in the cheesy electronica soundtrack, this is going to be a massive game-changer for the Park and for our neighborhood. Wow. Lakeside Animation

But then, it ain't gonna open when they thought (big surprise). So don't bother sharpening your skates til the fall of 2013.

Til then, we'll have that lovely cartoon to keep our appetites whetted. It ain't Avatar, but James Cameron was unavailable at the bottom of the Ocean.

above: the upcoming view onto the new "music island."


Anonymous said...

The lakeside part of the project itself looks great, but I'm a bit concerned about the "more suitable" parking area that's proposed. Right now the Lincoln entrance is my easiest access to the park and I'm worried the redesign for vehicle traffic will make that intersection busy and dangerous and that it will make entrance to the playground there less safe.

Anonymous said...

I knew about this before I bought my apt in the nabe. So few in my building know about this it is not funny.

Can't happen soon enough. This plus the 'fix' on the Parkside/Ocean entrance?

This is a gamechanger... big time.