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Monday, October 1, 2012

Wine 'n' Art

A new show is going up at 65 Fen by local landscaper, er landscape painter, Noel Hefele. Perhaps I wouldn't have felt so obliged to pass this along, except I ran into Noel as was walking one of his bigger canvasses down Bedford Avenue toward the shop. I wanted to warn him about the hilarity that might ensue if a foot chase led to someone running straight through the painting, only to have his pursuer do EXACTLY the same thing just five seconds later. Guffaw! But you really should go and check out his's quite subtle and timeless stuff, plus you can ask winekeep Michael "what's up with Delroy's?"


LANDSCAPES [near and far] @ 65 Fen

Please join us for an opening reception: Friday, 7pm 65 Fenimore Street Brooklyn, 11225 For the month of October this boutique locally-owned wine shop will display a selection of my Brooklyn and England landscape paintings.

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ElizabethC said...

Made it a point to stop by and see this. Pretty cool!