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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

7 Story Hotel In Deep Flatbush

Ditmas Park Corner was on the ball today (as it is most days) noting that the re-imagined Loew's Theater on Flatbush is about to get a companion 7-story hotel perhaps of the Marriot variety.

Are you serious? Who in Sam Hill is going to stay there? Is this whole Loew's thing just some sort of Marty good-bye fantasy? I mean I'm seriously shocked. The Q just don't see it working, but then I thought Wesley Clark was going to steal the presidency from George Bush too, so what do I know.


Bob Marvin said...

Really no stranger than the hotels in Bushwick, or the ones looking out over auto parts stores in Gowanus. [But then I don't understand how those hotels stay in business, so who knows?].

Anonymous said...

We really need to make sure Markowitz and the city and the new theater owners understand that PLG's stretch of Flatbush is the gateway to the Flatbush neighborhoods South of here, and include PLG on their economic development efforts surrounding this theater renovation. We don't necessarily need or want a Marriott hotel, but other improvements to the streets and sidewalks and storefronts and commercial offerings, yes.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Bob: I think it's way different. The new Bushwick has zeitgeistness that is read about all around the world. It's like certain neighborhoods of East Berlin after the wall fell. You kind of have to go there (if you're hip to the vibe) to drink in the energy. And drink.

The Gow-anus angle has everything to do with the extraordinary buildout in the area. There are literally thousands more people living there, and they all have cousins and uncles and grandpas with enough money to stay in their own place while they're in town. The budget-conscious (including my own folks) just stack on top of each other during family affairs.

Flatbush is a different beast, in my view. I wish it success, but I fear the worst, both for the hotel and its bizarrely optimistic theater sister project.