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News and Nonsense from the Brooklyn neighborhood of Lefferts and environs, or more specifically a neighborhood once known as Melrose Park. Sometimes called Lefferts Gardens. Or Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. Or PLG. Or North Flatbush. Or Caledonia (west of Ocean). Or West Pigtown. Across From Park Slope. Under Crown Heights. Near Drummer's Grove. The Side of the Park With the McDonalds. Jackie Robinson Town. Home of Lefferts Manor. West Wingate. Near Kings County Hospital. Or if you're coming from the airport in taxi, maybe just Flatbush is best.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Absolutely Mindblowing Historical Piece About Lefferts

Honestly, Montrose Morris is such a gem of a historian I can't even begin to sing her praises highly enough. First, look at this awesome advertisement for the gorgeous duplexes on Parkside btw Flat & Bed. Then read Morris's outstanding story of Melrose Park, which stood on Bedford between Winthrop and Clarkson. The pictures are absolutely priceless.

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Bob Marvin said...

So Tim, are you going to add "Melrose Park" to the list of alternate neighborhood names on your front page?