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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Parade Pound?

Hard to say who would do such a thing. A stolen dog ended up being dumped in the Parade Ground, after being dognapped from his owners in Mill Basin earlier this week. Seems the mutt was tossed in the equipment holding area, and was scaring passers by with his heft and size and bark before being identified as a lovable "marshmallow" of a doggy.

Dog is safely back with owner. I'm not an avid dog follower (though my dear old cat Raymond just died, so I do understand pet love), but if someone can explain to me why such a thing happens I'll perhaps be able to make sense of it. Elizabeth C. says they sometimes steal 'em to breed 'em. Is this dog some sort of valuable pure breed? Anyone? Nice mug though!

Elizabeth C.
(the photographer is Elizabeth C. not the dog.
Elizabeth C. is a human being and becoming something of a
Caledonian correspondent of late. Thanks EC!)


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