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Monday, July 22, 2013

Dollar Van Tragedy

from the NY Post:

70-year old woman fighting for her life after being hit by van on Flatbush


Last Updated: 7:05 PM, July 22, 2013
A 70-year-old woman is fighting for her life after she was hit by a van in Brooklyn while crossing the street, cops and witnesses said. The white dollar van was traveling northbound on Flatbush Avenue around 12:15 p.m., near Clarkson Street when he crashed into the elderly woman, who was crossing in the middle of the block and against the flow of traffic, cops said.

“She was bleeding like crazy, a lot of blood. She was on the floor,” Metro PCS manager Sean Dunlap,35, said. The woman was rushed to Kings County Hospital in critical condition, cops said. No criminality is suspected at this time and the investigation is ongoing, cops said.


iwas there said...

the dollar van was blue.

people were arguing over whether or not to move her. someone would start to pick her up and someone else would freak out about all the blood and so the first person would drop her back down. she was man-handled like this at least twice while i was there. whatever injuries she had were surely made worse by all the idiots trying to move her around.

quite a gruesome scene.

mc said...

As others have said, Flatbush Ave is scary. I always cross at a crosswalk. With this in mind, it doesn't make sense to me why there are no stoplights at Hawthorne or Rutland. I see people dodging traffic at these intersections all the time to get across the road. I sent an email to the DOT about this and hope they include stoplights at these corners in the revamp of the avenue.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, too few stoplights all along that stretch allowing vehicles to pick up too much speed. There are so few stoplights you actually have to be strategic about where you cross the street when you're headed to a certain business on the other side otherwise you have to walk a block past it then cross then walk the block back. Probably this woman opted to jaywalk instead.

GirlOnWoodruff said...

There has been another car accident on the corner of woodruff and st.paul (about 15mins ago)There are several accidents on this corner yearly. I cant explain the amount of tradegy theres been on this tiny corner.What can we do about this MR.Q.
Sincerely GirlonWoodruff.