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Monday, July 15, 2013

Condo going up on NY Ave; Developer Has Heretofore focused on P.Heights

Brownstoner reports that Hello Living, an oddly named developer of lots of apartments (like the one at right on Washington at Pacific)
is going to build at 651 New York Ave at Hawthorne. Is this Lefferts? You be the judge. But I've always liked NY Ave and it's close to Kings County Nurseries and Mama Louisa's sammich shoppe.

Apparently you can buy in to this kind of thing long before they even break ground. Facebook page here. Sounds like a risky leap of faith to me, but it sounds like Brooklyn real estate has flown off its rocker. (A commenter posted this warning story.) If I were looking for a place in the City right now I'd be looking anywhere but brownstone Brooklyn. Partly because it's red hot and I'm accustomed to going with the crowd that goes contrarywise (and we most certainly are a crowd unto ourselves), but there are so many great neighborhoods to discover in Queens, Bronx, YONKERS! Yes, Yonkers. I've been saying it for awhile and I'll say it again. Yonkers is going to be the cutting edge place to be, mark my words (if it isn't already. remember when you read about it in the Old Gray Lady it's already OVER).

Here's B-stoner's pick of the location:

I don't think it's finished yet, unless camping is the new thing in "green" living. I'm a fan of the guy who's reading the sign in the pic thinking "really? they want to build what in the where now?" I guess he doesn't read Brownstoner...


Dan Freed said...

Hello Living, indeed! Here's the CEO's profile on LinkedIn. Only 136 connections? What does Education: Dale Carnegie mean? What

nicoretta9 said...

Dale Carnegie is a short course on effective management/leadership techniques. "How to win friends and influence people" It's not a university.

msbossyrossy said...

Buyer Beware!!!