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Monday, July 8, 2013

I'm Not Half The Train I Used to Be

Yes, it's true. The Q at Parkside has become more of a monorail, serving just one direction (towards Coney Island). It will be awhile folks, so get used to it. Anyone Parkside south is best served by the Caton entrance of the Church stop on the B/Q. Anyone Winthrop and up, probably best to walk to Prospect Park station. You know this of course; unless you don't. In which case, now you do.

It will all be worth it in the end. The Q at Parkside (the blog) appreciates your patience.

In the meantime, how about those new stores opening up on the Flabenue? Like next to Kreations, an "exotic intimate apparel shop" (near my fave pile of tree-pit garbage, which, due to constant complaining by the Q, I can confidently say that the management at 225 Parkside has finally been given notice that it's THEIR responsibility and has started cleaning it up fairly regularly). That's right. Exotic! Intimate! Apparel! (actually the apparel probably doesn't deserve an exclamation point). Given some of the blush-inducing sexy outfits regularly seen around these parts that AREN'T "intimate" I think we're all on pins and needles to see what this shop has in store (literally, in the store.)

And the new joint opening in the old Dork Klub spot? An honest to goodness Atticus Finch by the name of Joyce B. David. Here's her deets:

Joyce B. David, Esq., P.C.
664 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, N.Y.,  11225

I'd like to make some sort of witty connection between the intimate apparel shop and a criminal defense lawyer but I came up with nothing. Joyce was kind enough to send me a shout out, and I'm shouting back: "Hey Joyce!! Good luck with your shingle hanging!"

Joyce, btw, wrote a book brilliantly titled What You Should Know If You're Accused of a Crime (Shut up and call a lawyer!) Of course, by giving away the ending in the title, she probably cut her sales in half. And she was the first woman president of the Kings County Criminal Bar Association, if Google is telling the truth. And if google isn't telling the truth, does it even matter what the truth is?

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Bob Marvin said...

" if google isn't telling the truth, does it even matter what the truth is?"

IMO far too deep an existential question for an Summer Monday morning.