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Thursday, July 11, 2013

PLG Arts Shows - Tonight!

If you're looking for something to do tonight, look no further (farther?) than these fun activities from local non-profit PLG Arts. Noel Hefele is an extraordinary landscape artist (seriously his stuff is sublime) and has a show that opens at TUGBOAT at 6PM. Sure to be stupendous; bring your checkbook (remember those?). Real artists don't take AmEx.

The Inkwell on Rogers (what, you've never been? and you complain there are no cute bars around here?) has live jazz from vocalist Andrea Wolper and her trio. Go get a drink and check it out, then comment here. Would love to hear what you think (I'll be busy crimping my hair, painting my nails, and watching the kids or I'd be there too).

All relevant info below:

PLG ARTS is pleased to present a perfect summer evening of the Arts in Prospect Lefferts Gardens. We are presenting TWO events, minutes away from each other, all within the neighborhood.

Starting at 6pm, join us at Tugboat Tea Company (546 Flatbush Ave) for an opening reception featuring the landscape paintings of Noel Hefele. Noel paints familiar landscapes with an evocative brush stroke. Many of the paintings are of places a mere stones throw away from the art show. PLG Arts is collaborating with Tugboat Tea Company, a great local coffee shop, to curate a monthly Local Artist Series. For more information on this project check out our website.

Beginning at 8pm, Andrea Wolper Trio will perform at the Inkwell Cafe (408 Rogers Ave). Andrea is giant singer with an inventive, thrilling, appealing musical vision. With her long-time trio Michael Howell on guitar and Ken Filiano on bass, this singer/improviser/songwriter invites audiences to a spirited ride through terrain both familiar and full of surprises. PLG Arts is collaborating with the Inkwell Cafe to produce bi-monthly Jazz concerts, featuring a fabulous array of musical talent. For more information on this project check out our website.

We look forward to seeing you! No need for the subway—you can walk!


Anonymous said...

At your favorite venue, The Lincoln Park Tavern, they have a another big comedy show tonight.

Joy said...

thanks so much for posting this. I probably wouldn't have glanced into Tugboat as I headed home last night fairly late, but because of your post, I actually registered the art I saw when I did, and they waved me in, and I found some really lovely cards with Noel's paintings that are exactly what I needed for a gift. Please keep promoting the local arts scene--your blog is a perfect way to keep readers in the loop about more such evenings.