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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Crime Blotter for June

UPDATE 7-18-13: In the 71 Precinct for 2013 to date there were 54 people charged with gun possession 30 guns recovered. In the area the crime report covers 14 people charged, 9 guns recovered

From Crime Fighting Duo Nicole/Vinnie comes the hand-made crime blotter for the 71st Precints "Lefferts" area. If you see something missing, please comment so we can forward to F/M and see why it was left out. They're not infallible of course, but we'd like this to be reasonably accurate, since it's just a chunk of the precinct. Please note that some crimes that feel like they happened near us actually happened in the 70th (southside of Clarkson, Parkside on down) or the 67th (east of Bedford south of Clarkson). There's a few recent crimes from Flatbush reported here, south of the 71. If someone wants to follow N/V's lead for the 70, call the community affairs division of the precinct and speak to either Kim Walker or Dominic Scotto at (718) 851-5557.

 Take it away N/V:

Hi Folks, here is this month's crime report.
Crime Report
June 1 - July 15, 2013

June 4th, 8PM. Flatbush and Lincoln. 14 yr old male robbed of cell phone, 18 yr old female arrested.

June 6th, 11PM. 78 Midwood. Male robbed of cell phone and $100 in cash.

June 9th, 11PM. 1199 Nostrand. Commercial store, robbery and arrest.

June 18th, 6PM. Ocean and Flatbush. Cell phone robbery, 19 yr old male arrested.

June 20th, 9:30PM. Bedford and Hawthorne, cell phone robbery.

June 20th, midnight. 280 Parkside. $120 in cash stolen.

June 21st, 7PM. Lefferts and Rogers. Cell phone taken, male arrested.

June 22nd, 5PM. 75 Hawthorne. Attempted robbery but nothing was taken.

June 22nd, 5:30PM. Midwood and Flatbush. Chain snatching.

June 24th, 6:30pm. Lefferts and New York. Bike stolen.

June 27nd, 8:30PM. Sterling & Rogers. Cell phone snatching.

June 30th, 11PM. Flatbush and Maple. Attempted robbery with simulated firearm, perp ran away.

July 4th, midnight. Flatbush and Ocean Ave. Attempted robbery of a car, three arrests.

July 4th, 5PM. Sterling and Nostrand. $10 taken from victim.

July 5th, 2:30AM. 305 Ocean Ave. Cell phone snatching.

Felony Assaults
June 2nd, 5:30PM. Parkside & Nostrand. Person stabbed.

June 13, 2AM. 354 Rutland. Two people shot over a dispute over a girlfriend. One person is arrested; the other two are still at large.

June 22nd, midnight. 130 Fennimore Street. two males shot, both in the right arm. No arrests, the police know who the shooter is but the victims refuse to ID the shooter.

July 14th, 5AM. Nostrand and Sterling. Victim was attacked by five people. Suffered broken ankle. One person arrested.


June 3rd, 8AM. 122 Fennimore. Perp came in through rear window, took government bonds.

June 4th, 3AM. 59 Hawthorne. Came in through front door. Took unknown property.

June 6th, noon .78 Hawthorn. Came in through front door, took electronics.

June 8th, 8PM. 351 Clarkson. Perp broke into a commercial truck. Took tools.

June 9th,6AM. 711 Flatbush. Came in through rear window, two arrests were made.

June 24th, 7PM. 359 Clarkson. Perp broke into commercial truck. Took tools.

July 5th, 6:30AM. 358 Lincoln Rd. Perp came in through front window and took jewelry and electronics.

July 10th, 2:30PM. 244 Hawthorne. Per came in through window, unknown property taken.

July 11th, 9AM. 611 Flatbush Ave. Came in through front door, took $400 in cash.

Grand Larceny (No physical force between victim and perp)
June 5th, 8PM. Ocean and Flatbush. Cell taken. Arrest made.

June 14th, 8:30PM. Washington and Lefferst. Cell phone taken, arrest was made.

June 28, 6PM. 205 Clarkson. Cell phone taken.

July 7th, 4PM. 199 Parkside. Pickpocket took $120 in cash.

July 14th, 3AM. 321 Clarskon. Took electronics from car.

Grand Larceny Auto
June 26th, 10AM. 1117 Nostrand Ave. 2005 Blue Mercury Grand Marquis stolen. Arrest was made.



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