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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

UPDATE: Vacant Lot Soon To Be Lot Less Vacant

FYI y'all I just heard from developer Tom Anderson (8/1/13) that the ink is not yet dry but it's looking very good. They got the permits in anticipation so they can get right on it when the contracts get signed. Tootles, tim.
yes, i'm tired of looking at this rendering too
Eagle Eyed Emily (EEE) at Brownstoner noted that new permits have been issued for the Lincoln Road "L" shaped lot that has vexed many a local Monday Morning Developer (MMD) for years. I'll shoot Tom Anderson (TA), who's running the project, to see if it's all true and see if we can get a timetable. Some random Q-musings (QMs) on the project here. And then some more recent news from the developer here.

For those new to the story, the lot that will have entrances at both 33 Lincoln Road and 510 Flatbush, was once to be a towering gleaming windowed phallus (tgwp) for birds to smack into. That idea faded (though not, as is commonly believed, because of neighborhood outrage) and the property shifted hands to Tom and he has tried to get State financing to build his 80/20 rental building for awhile. B-stoner thinks the money came through; thus the new permits. And to those who would call this an "affordable housing" project, I think it should be noted that while the building will be rent stabilized, that stabilization starts at just 10% below market rate on 8 out of 10 units - no chump change these days. The other 20% goes to working people under a certain thresh-hold, and their rent will start at (if I remember right) 1/3 of income. Hardly, as one commenter said, a "housing project."

More on this soon. I'm actually away and should be enjoying the work 1/3 of my vacation. But there's so much doin' on the Flabenue I just had to update y'all!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the fact that they got the building permit does not mean that they have the financing to start construction. I think we're going to have to be more patient on this one. On the other hand, it's looking good for the Hudson project.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the corner of the wood fencing on the lot closest to the Lincoln road subway entrance went up in flames this afternoon. About a 2ft by 2ft section near the bottom was all charred. Walked by as the fire dept rolled up.

Anonymous said...

Weird. That fence caught fire last year. Must be smokers hanging out on that corner...