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Monday, April 28, 2014

Flatbush Merchants Association Meeting - Tonight!

It's spring y'all, and that means meetings! The Q is one of those weird guys who just LOVES meetings. Why? Cuz I get to see my neighbors up close and personal like. Take Monday's PLGNA meeting. Good times. Good vibes.
Sure some were peppering neighbor Eric Landau of the Prospect Park Alliance with concerns about the upcoming parking lot and entrance at Lincoln Road. Sure there was the smiling candidate for State Senate, Jessie Hamilton, slinging election hash to the masses. Sure there was the wonderful Cheryl Sealey signing up for PLGNA Board membership. Sure there was Pavani talking Parkside Playground and youth initiatives. Sure there was the Parkside Committee. Sure there was PLGNA Prez Martin Ruiz, getting personal and offering bonafides. Sure there was Quest and Dynishal and Brenda and Suki and Desmond and...hey, that reminds me why I was posting this in the first place. Tuesday night, come out and help the fledgling Parkside Empire Flatbush Avenue Merchants Association gain its footing, with a Meet & Greet at D Avenue (pronounced davenue for those unfamiliar with local slang):

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