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Monday, April 14, 2014

Hold On To Your Family Jewels At Planet Phitness (NOT Someone Else's)

Word just in from the 71st - don't place your valuables in the lockers while working out. Too easy to bust 'em open, apparently. Everyone the Q's spoken to about Planet Phitness's Phat Albert's location is ecstatic to have a low cost gym nearby. Says local dad E.G. "I like getting in shape. And I like TV. What's not to love?"

Also, Vinny reminds us not to leave our keys in the car. Apparently, so-called "Super Bandits" are able to open the door, enter your vehicle, turn the ignition and drive away. WITHOUT your consent.

Be careful out there guys. It may be the NEW Brooklyn, but it's the same old story.


Zola said...

Last week, I was at the main desk at Planet Fitness when two detectives showed up and asked to talk to a manager about some locker room theft. So...fanny packs for everyone! Lockers are so high-school anyway.

babs said...

I knew better than to even think of leaving anything valuable in a locker there - just reading the police reports about thefts at the Fulton St and Church Ave locations was enough for me. You get what you pay for.