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Friday, April 4, 2014

More Yoga Than You Can Shake A Stick At

As a guy who generally prefers frozen yogurt to hot yoga, I'm probably not one to judge, so I'll just tell you what I know. As reported here, some well-respected Park Slopey yogi is moving to the space above the beer place near the BP triangle. And that has lots of people stretching for joy (see To Bikram or Not To Bikram, That Is the Questionram). Responses have been super-positive, and the large number of page-views leads me to believe there's a real yen for nirvana round here. So if you're not already "enlightened," I should probably hip you to a two year-old yoga studio that's already here and quite beloved.

Vero Yoga, run by Linda Gastaldello, is at 208 Midwood between Bedford and Rogers, in the garden level apartment. I hear it's cozy and pro, with all the spiritual doodads and doohickeys you need to become one with yourself. There are several teachers and lots of times throughout the week, and get this parents, there's even KIDS yoga on Friday afternoons at 4.

An added plus is that nearly all the teachers are living right here in Lefferts, so you'll be taking a class from a neighbor. Greer Davis, Philip Wilson and Jennifer Pinna all self-identify as Leffertsians. The Q sun salutes you all!

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