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Monday, April 7, 2014


Oh My God! Benches on Parkside! Way to go Parkside Committee! You're Cooking With Gas, Y'all!

And don't forget to put the following on your calendar:


Eric Zawacki said...

Great place to take a seat and scratch off some lottery tickets at 6 am in the morning on a weekday since the weather is getting nicer. A perfect respite from those jerks with jobs that come in and crowd the bodega up & have the audacity to properly wait in line to purchase newspapers & coffee not lottery tickets.

Kim said...

I was happy to see the benches when I got out of the subway. I was less happy when I went back out to Pioneer and saw one of the usual types that hang out all day around Parkside practically lying down across the benches, so no one else could take a seat if they wanted to (they wouldn't have wanted to). And then even less happy when I came out of Pioneer and saw the same man, still lying across the benches, but now relieving himself, hanging out in all his glory. I have no desire to sit on the bench after seeing that.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Hurray! In NYC that's nothing but a right proper Christening!

Rudy, break out the champagne. It's official!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome to get the benches but yeah, I give it a week before all 3 of them get christened with urine or worst.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

EZ: So yours is basically an update of the old "get a job, bum" line? Well done!

Kim: Something tells me you weren't going to spend a lot of time sitting on that bench anyway, idly watching the Pioneer conduct business and the canners collect their nickels.

Clarkson: Stop being such a wise-ass.

The forest 1: Christened with urine or...worse? You're suggesting that someone's going to shit on them? Now THAT would be a picture for the blog! Do snap one if you see it, please?

Eric Zawacki said...
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Kim said...

You're right; I wasn't planning on spending "a lot" of time on those benches, but am I not allowed to feel unhappy that those beautiful benches were instead being used as a bed/urinal by someone who had zero appreciation for them? I don't know what's worse - people lying semi-supine on a bench meant for sitting and pissing with genitalia hanging out, or not having benches and having them at least piss in public standing up.

Parkside_Guy said...

Kim, I think I saw the same guy on Saturday afternoon. He was obviously very drunk and pissing himself while sitting on the bench closest to the subway station. His fly was open and his hand was down his pants. There were several small children, mine included, witnessing the whole thing. Please call the 71st Precinct if you see any more behavior like this. Detective Martinos 718-735-0511 or Sargent Kelley 718-221-3204 (911 is appropriate as well). Though, I think what's more unsettling than his display is the defense of the actions of a few scumbags ruining it for the rest of the neighborhood.