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Thursday, April 3, 2014

New Dawn for the Flatbush Trees

It's starting. We'll need your help, but it's starting.

Everyone needs their White Whale, right? Ahab had his. Mine's the Green Flatbush Sheet Metal Trees. And the first strike of the harpoon has landed in their belly.

It's been a long time coming, but the first steps are being taken to prepare the tree for its flowering by artist David Eppley. Those who recall (here), getting to this point has involved convincing DOT and the Community Board that this is the right way to go...for now. Rather than knock them down, which some would cheer and others boo, Eppley's plan was simplicity itself. He's going to use the basic structure and cover them with industrial strength handmade sign-stickers, so that it will eventually like (though not precisely like) this:

Notice on the top picture, taken this morning, that the bent circle on the lower right has been taken down. It's currently being repaired by DOT's bridges repair unit, and other repairs will be made to ensure the structure is sleek and sound.

Here's where you come in...the whole project needs about $10,000 all in. I'm gonna make a quick Kickstarter video and hopefully y'all can chip in $10 on up to help make it happen. Then everyone who gave will get their name on a plaque and we'll do an awesome "opening" party when it's done. How about dancing under the trees?



Gary of PLG said...

Kick starter is a good idea and I will help. Any chance of getting a contribution from our City Councilman?

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Well, we put it in. I did my best to avoid any mention of my name, wink wink.

jeremy said...

No!!!!! Keep as is! It's a vestige of the 70's!!!

jeremy said...
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boleroid said...

Once the vinyl stickers have run their course, they would be able to be removed and the trees' "yellow submarine" aesthetic in all its glory would be restored, correct?