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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Save the Date! Pre-K and Kindergarten Summit at Play Kids

As promised, Shelley Kramer and the Q bring you the Lefferts Kindergarten Summit 2014. So many questions, fears, concerns and boogeymen out there, as parents choose schools and back-door strategies. So...why not get together and divulge our wisdom and anxiety?

MAY 14, 7PM, Play Kids, Flatbush and Westbury Court.

All welcome. Share the love. Share the misery!

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Malika Green said...

I will try to make it. We didn't get offered a seat at any of our choices ( I list 7.) instead the DOE assigned us to jackie robinson. Argg. We did get offered a seat at LGCS which is a saving grace, I guess, but the whole process has been depressing and frustrating.