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Friday, April 18, 2014

PLGNA General Meeting - All Welcome - April 28

A few years ago, five or so I believe, a group of your neighbors worked together to revive a 40-year old neighborhood association, pronounced PLeGNA. Anyone can be a member - I think I paid a $5 lifetime membership at some point, but that's not the point. A Board was elected and the group set out to address problems and set solutions in motion. Come to the general meeting on Monday, April 28 to hear what PLGNA's been up to, learn more about neighborhood organizing efforts, and elect new Board members. Your participation is what makes groups like this thrive and become more adept at representing your views on the City's many influential stages. This is a town where groups like PLGNA can wield great influence, when properly managed and supported. In a City this size, it's hard for individual voices to break through the static. A strong neighborhood org can get a seat at every important table. And various committees are busy addressing things that you may have an interest in. The meeting is open to all:

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