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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Need a Companion (or two)? Look No Further!

Not everyone loves cats, of course. The Q, however, has adored the little fuzzballs his whole life. After doing the old Trap-Neuter-Return thang in the compound behind my house here in Brooklyn ten years ago, I've had the pleasure of watching the colony dwindle in size NATURALLY. Once neutered, cats stop being stinky and loud, and generally enjoy their outdoor lives in relative peace. But eventually some dastardly dude throws out their pet and starts the whole dang thing over again. We're starting to see a few fertile ferals out back, and I'm hearing that pained screaming of kitties in heat. Ugh. Where's Michael "the crazy cat lady" Showalter when you need him? Come back Michael!!

Over at the Q Gardens community garden near the Q at Church a couple felines turn out to be people-ready and need homes. From Elizabeth C:

This older gentlemen is Morris! He was living in the colony but clearly was a companion pet in some past life. He was extremely ill with a respiratory infection and barbed wire embedded in his leg-- but even that couldn't keep him from being friendly and sweet as sugar. Now he is all healthy and ready for his own residence with a lap to curl into, and purrs to rumble the walls!

And just when you thought it couldn't get any cuter, take a gander at these lovelies!

These are the first set of Q Garden Kittens Remus and Romulus. They are seven weeks old, and playful and sweet! They were found in a basement where a super gave us an hour to get them. We swooped in, and the cuteness just kept coming. We'd like to keep them together, if possible.
Contact is


ElizabethC said...

Thanks Tim!

Bob Marvin said...

I saw a flyer for "barbarathecatlady" at a Renaissance Street Singers concert (she's a member) and phoned her when we started searching for a kitten. She seems like a really nice person, although she had no kittens last month, which is not surprising since few are available until the spring. We ended up getting our Elvis from the Long Beach Humane Society last week:

They're another great source for rescue kittens and cats. AFAIK Elvis' two brothers, Mango and Tango, also orange, are still available for adoption.

ElizabethC said...

Well ! as you can see from the above pictures, Barbara DOES have kittens now--- these two guys and four more gingers that will be ready to leave mama shortly! No need to leave Brooklyn for your kitten or cat cravings!

(And actually more kittens imminently after that...)

Bob Marvin said...

Of course there's no need to leave Brooklyn Elizabeth; I was just pointing out an additional place to look. I usually hate driving to L.I., especially the south shore, but it was worth it in this case