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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Raise the Checkers Flag

Checkers. It's been tantalizingly close to opening for, what, a year now?

This lonely DJ marks the grand opening. If you happen to go, please comment here on the quality of the fast food. I've never been.


Anonymous said...

I noticed the Checkers was open on Saturday, when I walked by it. Last night I noticed that the sign was updated to say that it will stay open until 4 am.

I haven't had the food yet either. From what I've seen, people sometimes wait outside of the building for their order because there isn't much room inside.

boleroid said...

This is amazing.

kingscounty said...

the fries are great. this video is greater.

Unknown said...

The guy in the video spinning records... he looks familiar... could it be... I think it is... DJ Oyster!

Mary said...

Apparently, the party was over at McDonalds:

Don't roll your eyes too hard at the quote from Eugene.

Anonymous said...

Re: Mary the Librarian

1. What does this incident that happened at McDonald's have to do with Checkers?

2. That McDonald's is on the north side of Empire, so that's still technically Crown Heights, yes?

3. re: "Don't roll your eyes too hard at the quote from Eugene." Why, are you going to invite these youths into a library for afterschool activities?

Seth said...

Adam Bentch, lol!!!

FYI though, no, the new place from Jim Mamary is not going to be called DJ Oyster.