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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Zoning Resolution Passed: Now Come To Monday's Forum

Don't forget! Monday's the big day to turn out in numbers, so your elected officials can see how many of you are concerned about recent development developments. Borough President Eric Adams will be there. Assemblyman Karim Camara. Reps from Yvette Clarke and the Mayor will be there. City Planning and the Brooklyn czar for land use will be there. Jessie Hamilton and Demetrius Lawrence, both vying for the vacant State Senate seat will be there. I'll be there. PPEN will be there in big numbers. Ocean Ave's Celeste Lacy Davis (known round here as Ceeledee) will be there, as your MC and host. I mean, if you're not there, you won't be there, you know?

Last CB9 meeting, a resolution came forward to start the long-overdue zoning study of the neighborhood. A bit of jostling back and forth about process notwithstanding, the Board voted in favor of adopting and sending to City Planning to formally begin the process. The resolution, whereas's and all, is below:

Please come up and introduce yourself. I'd love to meet you.



no_slappz said...

Street theater. Political grandstanding. It's clear that larger buildings will rise everywhere in Brooklyn with the right mix of subway service and proximity to commerce.

The most appealing option of all is turning Floyd Bennett Field into Floyd Bennett City. But a large residential/commercial development on there is unlikely.

Anonymous said...

On the one hand, Floyd Bennett Field is in a two-fare zone. Then again, so is Starrett City.

The largest commercial development nearby would be Kings Plaza (for better or for worse). If one has car, one can drive to Gateway off of the Belt Parkway.

Let's see if a large, market-rent building were to rise off of the last stop on the L.

babs said...

You can always tell who's lived in NYC for a while when they talk about "two fare zones." They no longer exist - you now automatically get a free transfer from a subway to a bus (or vice versa).

This is also great for running errands in Park Slope, say - take the train there, do your thing, and then take the bus back = one fare (you have a two hour window).

And isn't Floyd Bennett Field part of the Gateway National Recreation Area and wildlife preserve?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am aware that technically Metrocard (Gold, not blue - that's going back quite a while!) eliminated two-fare zones. :) I use the terminology now to mean places in the city that are far-flung and not near any subway line. I don't consider such places optimal, and probably neither would many people who are looking to move to Brooklyn.