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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Lazy Post

I really hope you have something better to do than read the latest nonsense from MTOPP, written in some vague sort of iambic pentameter. But say you're in the waiting room at the dentist and all the subscription magazines are about goes:

Dear Members
This is the email that Karim was upset about.
That he referred to during our meeting with him last night.
Please review it.
There was no mention of anybody being corrupt.
Nor did I associate him with anyone else.
He's upset,
because it indicates that he was going to support
us in our efforts.
And why would he be upset about that!
We are his constituency, he is suppose to represent us.
So what is so terribly wrong about this email
that he mentioned it again last night,
along with lies about what it said!
What would it mean if a representative were to support our efforts!
Well who gains from the rezoning of our community!
The developers!
Didn't Pro Angotti, said
City Planning is in the pockets of the Developers!
This is common knowledge!
Even our attorney talked about how the Developers buy
influence with the local politicians to get their way.
And if they support our efforts, then they don't support
the developers efforts! Conflict of Interest!
Or more locally known as CORRUPTION!
(718) 703-3086

Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2014 8:01 AM
Subject: Results of meeting with Assembly Karim Camara (Good News!)

Good Morning Neighbor
Good News!  We met with Assembly Karim Camara
and he is on board with supporting our efforts
He recognized that regardless of his own personal views,
he represents us and will support our goals.
He will first go back and talk to Eric Adams (after Monday, I'm sure he is listening)
and let him know we don't want Empire Blvd changed from a commercial to residential.
However, we do want to do Contextual Zoning on Empire Blvd,
creating height limits and other restrictions to create a Blvd that is upscale, airy, light etc...
He will also approach the Mayor's office and seek a meeting between us and them.
To engage in talks about how to preserve this affordable community
and supporting the local tenants in the community from displacement etc....
He will also help us get marching and sound permits for our March and Rally
That will take place on Sunday, August 24 at 2 pm.
There will be two starting points for this March!
1. Leffarts Ave and Flatbush Ave.
2. Washington Ave and Sullivan Place.
Both these groups will merge at the Corner of Empire Blvd and Washington Ave
and then march down to Empire Blvd and Rogers Ave.
This will be a peaceful demonstration!
And all of our publication will depict that sentiment.
In return he is requesting two things from us.
1. 500-1000 letters addressed to the Mayor about our concerns.
a. It should contain, years in the community
b. A renter or home owner
c. Address, and name.
d. cc to all local representatives
2. 2000-3000 petitions signed
Remember Community Bd 9 will be resuming business on Tuesday, Sept 23, 2014
We need to be ready to get the changes that we want!
As you can see we have a lot of work ahead of us.
But no one has said to me that this is a done deal,
the way they said about 626 Flatbush, when MTOPP
entered into the fight and why because it isn't!
We can stop this right now!
While it is still in the communities hands!
(718) 703-3086

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