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Saturday, October 18, 2014

LMA's "Echo" Out Now (Four Shot)

I'm ceaselessly amazed at what an extraordinarily high-quality paper comes out of humble Lefferts Manor each quarter. Milford Prewitt and gang always provide a stellar product at a super price. Zip. That's right folks. For the price of a breath of air you can help yourself to a heaping helping of neighborhood news. Click here or see below. Where on earth else could you get a steady diet of Lefferts tidbits for free? Beats me.

(Damn. As I wrote that about 8 shots rang out on, I think, Lenox. Better throw on some pants. Not you, me.)

(Okay, there were four shot, tons of police. Anything you know will be more than I do. Please Share.)


Unknown said...
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no_slappz said...

This just in:

Comic Wyatt Cenac sends up a gentrified Brooklyn in new Netflix special and album

no_slappz said...

4 men hospitalized after Brooklyn shooting

The men — two 19-year-olds, a 50-year-old and a 46-year-old — were shot after an argument in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, police said, who are looking for four teenage suspects who fled the scene. The shooting victims were in stable condition Sunday morning.

Scrumptiousmunches said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks for posting this. Many of us dont receive this news letter. Im not sure if they only mail it to homeowners but would you mind posting this each time it comes out?

Bob Marvin said...

The Echo is distributed door-to-door, by volunteers, to all Lefferts Manor houses and several other blocks, for which volunteers can be found. Stacks of this free paper can usually be found at neighborhood businesses, like Tugboat, and PDFs are on line.

Milford Prewitt said...

Thanks a lot, Tim. I'm blushing over here. Milford

Bob Marvin said...

You needn't blush Milford; you do a far better job editing the Echo than I ever did and fully deserve praise.