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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chester Court Will Remain...Chester Court

No matter how you feel about 626 Flatbush, dang you gotta admit it's going up lickety split. And you also gotta admit that until you saw it there, you really couldn't imagine what it would feel like. It's just past half as tall as it's gonna get. Man oh manischewitz. Just yesterday someone wrote to tell me that while they knew it was gonna be big, they're only now realizing what a game-changer it is. Yep.

But while things in this town never stay the same for long, you can bet that one cul-de-sac half-block called Chester Court will have at least a fair chace at remaining just as it is for another 100 years. That's right...the hard work is paying off for the folks in those pretty Mock Tudors. The hearing has been set to have the block landmarked, notes Rebecca at Brownstoner.

Congrats y'all. Your neighbors admire your pluck and vigor, and most of all, your unity.

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