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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Neighborhood Legend Passes: Carole Schaffer

Carole Schaffer, longtime neighborhood do-gooder and Lefferts champion, died last night. The announcement, below, comes from funeral director Amy Cunningham, also of the nabe. Feel free to email her with questions.

I'm writing to tell you some very sad news. Carole Schaffer, the wonderful woman who put together the fabulous Lefferts Manor house tour for SO MANY years died yesterday at New York Presbyterian hospital. While death was not expected, Carole had been on-and-off ailing for a several years. Her husband Arthur is now at home at 72 Midwood Street.
The funeral service, then burial graveside service, are planned for this Sunday (October 19) at eleven a.m. in a chapel at Green-Wood Cemetery (guards at gates at Fifth Avenue and 25th Street will give you directions). John Musco (who lives on Rutland Road) will preside as he is a deacon at Grace Episcopal...Amy Cunningham will be the funeral director. Please come! 

Carole will be impossible to replace. She did so much for the neighborhood and was open to everybody.  A truly lovely, committed and hard-working lady. She loved this neighborhood so much and knew every inch of it.

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Denise said...

This is a great tribute to Carole, she will be missed greatly. She was a wonderful woman and leader.
-Denise Smith, formally of NYC-CCE