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Sunday, October 26, 2014

REMINDER - TODAY: Open House For Lefferts Food Coop!

I am SO impressed that Karen Oh and company got this thing off the ground. And now, on October 26 from 10-4, you can come take a sneak peak at the progress they've made on the Lefferts Community Food Coop at 324 Empire Boulevard.

How can I say it any other way? This is an astounding accomplishment. A bunch of volunteers create an alternative cooperative source for healthy food. Knowing the Park Slope Food Coop and its history, I can assure you this is a major achievement.

Hats off y'all! See you on Sunday the 26th...


Curious27 said...

That's great! I've been seeing people in and out doing construction and stuff (cleared out a few fridges and buckets for storage), so I thought they were leaving. Guess not! It's also just a hop skip and jump from my building so I can't NOT check it out!

Kimplicated said...

How exciting! I helped on the very first clean-up day, and saw just how much potential there is--in the space, but especially in the people. Way to go, Karen.