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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Interview with New District 17 Superintendent

Parents...start your engines.

Rachel Holliday Smith interviewed new District 17 Superintendent Clarence Ellis. If you're at all interested in improving the schools around here, please reach out to him and voice your concerns.

And a brawl has broken out over at Jackie Robinson PS375, wherein the new principal wants to shake things up and hold teachers accountable but the old guard is fighting back, trying to get the old mediocre principal reinstated. Word is that there's a bit of an African-American/Caribbean-American divide among the parent body over the issue. Seems that's been an issue for some time...stay tuned.

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elbell said...

Care to shed some light on the PS 375 civil war? I am curious as to where the battle lines are drawn and what positions each side are interested in supporting.