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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lenox Road Block Association Alliance: Meeting Tomorrow

I expect another rollicking meeting tomorrow, and with the "rock star" of the anti-development movement, former City Planner Tom Angotti, on hand to bash his old colleagues at the Department of City Planning, you never know where it will lead. (What did they do over there, give him nonstop wedgies? And what, is he like "on tour" or something?) It's great to see people meeting and organizing and engaging the City rather than passively watching and gawking. The Q's hat is off to his parallel neighbors on Lenox. I hear this is a great group, and if you live in the vicinity, please do join them at the mighty Lenox Road Baptist Church at Nostrand.


FlatLen said...

Will anyone attend and report about what went on?

roxv said...

I wish i could, but it's crunch time and i'm never home before 10:30 these days :\