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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ballgreen on Lenox? What the Heck is a Ballgreen?

At 186 Lenox they were going to build this back in 2008:

Now comes this pic from an eagle-eyed reader:

Coming Winter 2015. That's pretty dang ambitious, unless they really mean Winter 2016. Which begs the question...doesn't winter straddle two years anyway? Most of it's in the latter year...

Anyhoo, whad'y'all think? I'm over there a fair bit, near Rogers. Seems like a reasonable place and height...and what's with the creepy guys up on the roof?


FlatLen said...

I'm not surprised to see this. Thanks for letting your readers know. I was just over there on Monday, and they had put up newer construction type fencing, after shutting down the parking lot and "mas camp".

It looks like the building they have in mind will blend in with the others, with respect to height and density, albeit not with respect to aesthetics. It is close enough, though to fit in with its prewar neighbors.

I wonder about the affordable housing in the area--those two houses were one of four unattached single family homes on the block between Rogers and Bedford. Most of the housing is in apartment buildings, with a few brownstones in the mix. Some of the buildings might be condos.

Oh, and a heads up. Further up closer to Flatbush, also on Lenox, I saw that the lot where a house had been torn down and a parking lot was put in it place, the cars are gone, the garbage has been cleared away, and new construction type fencing has been put up. I won't be surprised if something will be in the works soon.

babs said...

Lenox Rd is not in PLG. And that's not what most people mean when they talk about a "green" building - hideous!

And your "today" photo is several years out of date - that site has been a trash-infested vacant lot for years, after the houses were illegally torn down in the middle of the night.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Babs: The "today" is from 2008 when that rendering was made.

babs said...

I realized that later - sorry! But, yeah, pretty much anything would be better than that awful vacant lot at this point.

jessica said...

This is one instance where I'd disagree about something being better than nothing. And building is my business.

I'll tell you what the heck a ballgreen is: a hideous piece of s#!t.

I have no prob with the size, but why they're putting up something reminiscent of a cheap 1950's civic building (you know the ones, turquoise Spandrelite curtain wall, aluminum frame...) is beyond me.

Unknown said...

I live on this block and am mortified. Bad design kills neighborhoods. Make this stop, it's stupid on every level. Hey you with the money building this–this is a bad investment on a great piece of land. Change it now! It could enhance the hood and your wallet–this is degenerate. Please someone send me Architect Sandor Weiss' contact. I can't find him online, curious.