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Thursday, October 16, 2014


For those of you who regularly find yourself above Empire on Washington, you've undoubtedly seen the development site that is being built at 995 Washington. It's a tiny little triangular piece of land that I used to joke would be perfect for a squatter with a teepee.

But in this day and age, it's actually a $2.5 million plot worthy of the following:

This style of architecture I like to call "21st Century Magna-Tile" design, a post-post-post-modern school that is alternately referred to as the Movement, or ACM for short. For more information, go to Wikipedia. However, for more information on this particular topic, just ask anyone hanging out at the Subway sandwich shop.


Merchant Account GOD said...

The design of this property in Brooklyn NY is interesting. Once its up and open, me and my team at will be taking some great photo's of it and its surroundings. Brooklyn keeps shaping up really nice! And as photographers that gives us lots of opportunity for new photography art,

Nana @

Christopher1974 said...

I'm sorry but you are wrong. It's clearly Late Sim City.

boleroid said...

Ahhh, the iconic palm trees of PLG! Just smell that sea salt in the gentle ocean breeze, pelicans squawking around, etc.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Yeah, and what are those three doing staring at that tree? Some kind of ritual? Is it a May Day thing?

I also like those tiny little rectangular patches of green on the sidewalk. For putting practice?

disco princess said...

re:Ahhh, the iconic palm trees of PLG! Just smell that sea salt in the gentle ocean breeze, pelicans squawking around, etc.
We already have sea gulls squawking around. :)