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Friday, October 24, 2014

Readings on Rogers

This is Brooklyn. Brooklyn, NYC. Capital of the Arts. It's easy to forget sometimes that you're living, maybe even sitting on the subway, among some of the most creative, accomplished and forward-thinking musicians, authors, poets, painters, dancers, performers, choreographers, burlesque artists, actors, performance artists, multi-media thing-makers, graphic novelists, sculptors, filmmakers and plumbers on the planet. (Yes, I still wholeheartedly recommend the gruff, hilarious and generally unflappable Mark of Mark's Plumbing. Just as with a barber, it's good to develop a relationship with a plumber.)

With that in mind, the Q recommends you come out next week to support PLG Arts and its reading series, featuring celebrated locally sourced authors Martha Southgate and Darcey Steinke. Come out to the Inkwell Cafe at 408 Rogers next Thursday at 7:30, grab a drink, and settle in for some serious good use of the English language.

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