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Monday, October 13, 2014

Toomey's Diner To Be 50-60 Apartments

Just over the line of the C8-2 commercial corridor of Empire that's been a hot topic lately, you'll find lots and lots of R7-1. That's the zoning that led to a 23 story tower on Flatbush. Today comes news that Toomey's, longtime diner on the SE corner of Rogers and Empire, will soon be a 50-60 unit apartment building. Undoubtedly, this will not be a low-rent affair. Not with Lefferts Gardens being the Hot Pocket that it is. And who pray tell is building there? The same lovable lug nuts who brought us this gem, replete with Starbux.

Question is: is this a R5 or an R7-1? Ektorp in his comments below points out the discrepancy.

Which brings up another point. Take a look again at the zoning map in our area. And by "our area" I most certainly include Crown Heights south of Eastern Parkway. There's TONS of room to build up, up, up. Empire from the Park to Rogers is a tiny sliver compared to what else could happen around here.

Oh, and that tiny sliver of C2-8, er C8-2, that led to the shutting down of the last Community Board meeting? What exactly CAN you build there? Inquiring minds...

OR, as Ektorp pointed out...which is it? C2-8, or C8-2? The above document was done by the Planning intern at CB9. Something tells me he switched his numbers around.

Oy gevalt.


Anonymous said...

The Toomey's parcel is zoned R5 (with a commercial overlay allowing retail as well). There is no way they can get 50 or 60 apartments without a zoning change or a variance. Maybe they could do 10 or 12 apartments at most under the current zoning. So whatever they want to do there, they have to go in front of the community board.

Empire west of Rogers is zoned C8-2 not C2-8... there is a big difference. So you don't need to worry about 40 story hotels being built. Here are the actual zoning maps:

Unknown said...

Where did that map come from? If that sliver were C2 and not C8, the current zoning wouldn't be nearly as objectionable.

I checked the map from NYC Planning and it definitely shows C8-2.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

Thx guys. That map, believe it or not, is in the hands of tons of people. It's a map made by the CB9 intern, and is once again showing that Ignorance is having a party and everyone's invited.

C8-2 is what I've long known to be the fact. I'm alerting everyone I know.

At a recent neighborhood meeting people were told you could build a big-ass hotel on Empire. It would appear that that is bull.

More to come.

jessica said...

Empire between Flatbush and Rogers is C8-2. The CB9 intern made an error. And the map (with error) has been distributed multiple times to many, many people. Not really helping CB9, I gotta say.

Toomey's is R5 with a C1-1 overlay. No big tower there.

Clarkson FlatBed said...

It would be a fine place for a building of 8-10 stories. If they want a variance, they will undoubtedly get it.

Christopher1974 said...

That's the thing. One off zoning variances are much easier to obtain. Developers actually prefer that in this kind of market rather than a concentrated plan. Planning and community-led organization to envision a proper boulevard would stand in the way of the kind of piecemeal variances that you see in other parts of the city. And so I still wonder who is really behind the opposition to rethinking and reimagining Empire. The status quo always benefits the current power structure.

IKB said...
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IKB said...

Under current zoning that lot has just over 15,000 sq. ft of buildable space and a 40' height limit. The only way to come anywhere close to 50 or 60 units would be to get a zoning variance. In this political climate, a variance is going to come with a stipulation for affordable housing. Thus, the argument that this building, as described in the blog entry, will be market rate is highly dubious.

If the developer is going for market rate, the developer would have to provide parking for 85% of the units. Accounting for parking and a 4-story height limit, there's barely room for 10 market rate apartments.

jessica said...

Looking at the article in The Real Deal, they do say they plan to build 40-50 apartments.

I'll admit I'm into the idea of more density at this location, but I don't see how they'll get 40-50 units. That would be one hell of a variance. Requiring a public hearing.

Parkside_Guy said...

This parcel is R5, but the large building next door is R7-1. A corner lot in a rapidly growing neighborhood? I'd suggest a variance is a slam dunk.

From the article: “Now the real way to add value is through development,” he said. Translation: buying large rental buildings full of people paying $800 a month for a 3-bedroom won't make you much money.

PS--If everyone doesn't know, OASIS is a much better way to look up a property than some vague PDF maps. Click the "location report" tab on the right to bring up zoning, DOB, ACRIS (transaction records), etc.

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