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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Wine on New York

Interesting to see a wine shop going up on New York Avenue, right by the Kings County Nurseries. Hey, if you live on the "east side" it's not much of a hoof at all. Give it a try and let us know what you think! 590 New York Avenue (Midwood/Rutland).


Andre said...

Wonderful new store. The owner is very friendly and helpful. Another great addition to the neighborhood. And here's a link to their FB page.

pam said...

1368been in there twice already. we got a case of delish inexpensive wine, and free delivery! nice nice owner

Unknown said...

Love this place - just set up a yelp with the following review
"After 8 years of living in PLG - this is exactly the place I've been waiting for. Hector, the owner, was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his inventory of wines and spirits. Good customer service, pleasant phone manner and he was able to recommend 2 amazing Argentinian red wines over the phone that are great value within my budget. The shop took my debit card, set up a customer profile over the phone and delivered within 30 mins. I highly recommend this wine shop. I'll definitely be returning for 1 of his tastings in the near future!"

Samantha said...

Just picked up a few bottles and all I have to say is bravo! The owner is amazing and full of pride when he's recommending wines to you. He doesn't just tell you what's on the back of label and leaves the decision to you. Very pleasant atmosphere with a nice style to it. Definitely coming back for some more wine and convo! Hector is amazing!